Lakeland Valley Goats

Precisely a year ago, I was amidst a two week stay on egg farms with sizable operations - something that was challenging my black and white view of farming and food.  Imagine my delight when I spent an afternoon at Lakeland Valley with Kate Little, a woman who I would quickly discover "spoke my language".

Basing her farm practices on environmental, economic, and social sustainability, the word care hardly describes how delicately and respectfully she treated her animals and spoke of farm life. Through much research and traveling the world to study goat meat enterprises with the Nuffield Farming Scholarship, she thoughtfully chose to raise this breed for their high quality meat and cashmere. 

Though I was staying on a much larger farm whose products were being sold in large stores like Asda (UK's Walmart), I was encouraged to learn that Kate and the Geldards knew each other and were friends. From what I know of farmer relationships in Indiana, there's more animosity than friendship between that small and large, conventional and organic, old and new farmers. I wonder how much that will prevent growth and empowerment as we move into a new age of farming.