South Circle Farm

Not just anyone can take an abandoned city lot and turn it into a thriving farm.  I was about to say that Amy Matthews has a magical touch, but I know better.  She is an incredibly hard working and dedicated farmer, intent on making good food accessible to our city.  That’s what it takes.  The more I learn about farming, the more I see that doing it well is more about determination and sweat than dreamily walking through fields while waiting for rain.

South Circle Farm is new, just completing it’s second season.  I was introduced to them at the market- they always have a beautiful display of produce, and I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with them this fall.  It was enlightening to hearing Amy’s story about farming in Indianapolis.  Despite the persistant work of people like her, the city still does not support ventures like South Circle Farm very well.  In fact, last time we spoke, she was afraid of losing the land (and years of manual labor) due to politics.  Indy NEEDS people like Amy- people investing their lives to improve our city.  Truth be told, there are better places to live- better climates, more supportive city governments and more progressive cultures.  I know it’s fun to shop at the market from time to time, but it takes more than that to truly support our local farmers.

Next time you’re at the market, ask the farmers what you can do to support them.