WE Farm

“There was a lot of unconditioning that needed to happen,” says 32-year-old Josh Egenolf of WE Farm: The Wayne-Egenolf Farm, stirring locally-sourced cream into his coffee at Trader’s Point Creamery in Zionsville, IN. A much needed caffeine fix-- he’ll round out an especially long week of farming with a few hours of shilling his sustainably-raised meat at the Creamery’s bustling Friday evening farmers market.  

“The way dad or grandpa farmed is different. But the way I farm is not unlike the way my great-grandfather farmed. We’re trying to go back and harness that knowledge,” says Egenolf.

Located in eastern Owen County, about a half hour from Bloomington, IN, WE Farm inhabits 150-acres of pasture and forest, raising grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, and woodlot and pasture-raised hogs.

“There’s an information gap,” said Egenolf, “We were looking in books from the ‘50s to figure out how to raise pigs this way. We didn't invent this farm system. It’s proven.”

In addition to Traders Point Creamery’s market, WE Farm sells beef, pork, eggs, and chicken at the Bloomington Farmers Market. Their pastured meat is distributed to Bloomington restaurants including Restaurant Tallent, Upland Brew Pub, Feast, The Rail, and Finch’s Brasserie.

“These days, it’s all about relationship farming,” said Egenolf. “We cultivate these relationships with local chefs, our CSA members, other farmers-- even our butcher.”

Words by Kate Franzman. Find her online here.