Farm Stories connects people with farmers who encourage healthy stewardship of our bodies, communities, and earth. Through storytelling, we introduce you to farmers who practice sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry, whose voices are often ignored and values overlooked. Our goal is to educate people about their food choices and inspire a new generation to better our world.

In an age wheN we are increasingly confronted with issues like the Colony Collapse Disorder, the growing monopoly of genetically engineered seeds, and the lessening rights of small farmers, we desperately need to hear positive stories of people who are getting it right. For this reason, we are looking for farmers and producers that are not only passionate about growing good crops and raising healthy animals, but who are thoughtful and intentional in their farming methods.

Farm Stories is a project by Kelley Jordan Schuyler. After finding herself deeply committed to food justice issues, Kelley decided to marry her work as a photographer with her passion for farming (specifically by supporting people doing it well). And thus, Farm Stories. You can check out her non-farm work at Consider supporting Farm Stories by hiring her for your event, branding, or portrait session.

Collaborators include: 
Sarah Suksiri, writer. Find her online:
Kate Franzman, writer. Find her online: